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Einführung & Programmierung des ESP8266 NodeMCU Boards

ESP8266 Module - Starter Anleitung


ESP Easy

Get started
Getting started with the ESP Easy takes a few basic steps. In most cases your ESP module comes with the AT firmware or the NodeMCU LUA firmware. We need to replace the existing Firmware with the ESP Easy firmware. We provide a (Windows only) flashtool to make this process an easy job. Below you find the general flow of this but an in depth guide is found here. 
1. Download firmware as binary including flash tool 
2. Connect the ESP to Windows PC 
Using either USB/UART of board or separate USB/TTL adapter 
3. Write firmware using flash tool 
Note necessity for GPIO to be LOW to enter flashmode 
4. Restart ESP. WiFi AP "ESP_Easy_0" will appear, password: configesp 
(prior to 2.0 the AP was named ESP_0) 
If you're not automatically taken to the log-in page, browse to 
5. Search for you routers WiFi and connect
(if you have multiple AP they will all show up with the same SSID name multiple times) 
6. Reconnect to your WiFi and enter IP adress shown on previous screen
the AP was named ESP_0). Connect to this access point with default password: configesp.

ESP Easy – Weboberfläche zur Konfiguration von ESP8266-Chips



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Wemos D1


Wemos D1 Mini

D85b5dad-9fcc-4aa6-a297-a9ecc3809cbf.jpg Wemos d1 mini pro pinout.png WemosD1Mini 2.PNG WemosD1Mini 3.PNG


WemosD1Mini 2 Boards.PNG WemosD1Mini 4.PNG HTB1K9WsRVXXXXbEXpXXq6xXFXXXi.jpg HTB1qQR4RVXXXXagaXXXq6xXFXXXa.jpg D1Battery.JPG

ESP 01


ESP 07

ESP 12


ESP Easy Sensoren in FHEM einbinden